Vitalij Červiakov

2010 –

☼ is a performance-like multlayered relational work that reflects on the experiences of walking as an artistic practice. The work deals with the notions of silence, group dynamics, communication, psychogeography, time, and so on.
The documentation of the happenings comes in three parts: an essay titled Straight Detours: On the Experience of Walking, an installation-like collection of objects, and a video.

The “TylĖjimai” project functions as an exploration of a familiar space, the city of Vilnius, “against it’s will”, resisting the dictate of the city itself both as a structure (a purposefully built network of open and closed zones – streets, yards, houses) and as a conglomerate of practices (the ways of walking, connecting and crossing practiced by the citizens). The city is explored not as a more or less clear narrative, but rather as a contingency that even the author cannot foresee, because each walk is performed in a different previously untested direction.
(dr. Lina Michelkevičė)