Vitalij Červiakov

Quicksilver Jet


Quicksilver Jet is a fast, inconvenient, unpredictable and somewhat exhausting walk through the resort town of Nida and its surroundings. It is a walk which makes the walkers sweat, feel anxious, hurry and move in a quicksilver-like way.
Nida is a holiday destination where people mostly come to relax, rest, recuperate, “breathe the iodized air”, and swim in the sea of indescribable colour and chemical composition. In a sense, serenity and relaxation are unavoidable and predetermined in Nida. Quicksilver Jet seeks to oppose this relaxation tradition and look at Nida’s natural, ecological, and cultural environment from the perspective of a big city dweller, complete with the atmosphere and mood of getting around a metropolis, which often involves tension, rush, fatigue, sweat, and huge toxic flows of information. The participants move through the landscape of Nida hastily as if it was a busy city, with no purpose, conforming to the general atmosphere of haste or imitating it, searching and looking around themselves, stumbling upon unexpected findings – let’s say those are quicksilver spillages, sculptures, or simply waste lying in the moss, pine groves, abandoned camping sites, and seaside dunes. These objects haunt the rushing but drowsy imagination.